CIMPLE for Government

CIMPLE connects businesses to Federal, State and Local government agencies to help with the collection and management of taxes and fees revenue.

Invoicing, Billing & Collections Management with Dashboards

Manage  agency end-to-end process for monitoring, tracking, and processing of collections of corporate taxes and fees.    With complete integration of corporate registries, CIMPLE enables agencies to cross-reference corporate reporting information to ensure compliance in payments due and improve collection rates with over 40+ metrics and KPIs.


Compliance Auditing

CIMPLE automatically carries out  compliance reconnaissance processes using agency rules coupled with annual reported assessments and  payroll information to identity compliant and non-compliant companies.   



CIMPLE handles your processing of invoice payments   from any business to any business through a number of international or domestic payment gateways.   Businesses can select preferred or default payment processors and banks for transactions and even choose specific types of transactions to be handled by specific processors or designated banks.


Assessments & Reporting

Easily capture  payroll and earnings assessments data reported by companies for the current and previous years.      Making it possible for agencies estimates of tax/fees revenues as well as sector specific revenues.    Agencies (through CIMPLE) can request documents and relevant financial data can to be uploaded by companies to support the reported assessments.


Document Verification

The authenticity of certificates, and documents can be a challenge in field operations as agencies try to ensure compliance of businesses.   CIMPLE provides smartphone capabilities that help field agents or anyone verify an official document. 

Simply by scanning the QR on any invoice, certificate or payment receipt, agencies can address counterfeiting and fraud that is common with documents.


Analytics, Insights & KPIs

While you focus on your agency operations, CIMPLE constantly analyzes different aspects of corporate registries to provide better insights and improve your agency.    Whether you federal, state or local agency, features like "Did you know" lhelps you  understand and use specific KPIs to capture and improve your collection rates and revenues.



Manage all agency national, regional and local rules with workflows that streamline how approvals, payments, certificate issuance,  invoicing, and compliance are handled.  


CIMPLE also provides work queues for managing and designating agency tasks with complete email notification and routing to/from companies

Agency Communications

Notices, email reminders, and collection announcements and invoices all can be managed through CIMPLE when communicating with companies.


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