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Simplifying interactions between businesses.  Starting with the processing of billing, invoicing, payments and verification while looking for meaning in their interactions.

Billing & Invoice Management

Companies large and small can issue invoices for billing, services fees, and other dues to any other company.   The billing facilities in CIMPLE lets you track and manage invoices, such as sending reminders and handling the the payment processing each invoice due.  All payments can be handled in using any gateway that is part of CIMPLEs progressing gateways.  


Financial Auditing

When you manage your billing and payments through CIMPLE, your financial transactions are automatically analyzed and categorized to help provide better insights to your business and parties involved in your transactions.    You can focus on your business while CIMPLE learns more about how to help your business through your transactions.


Business Ratings, Rankings & Reputations

Businesses that use CIMPLE are rated and ranked with automatically computed reputations based on payments processed and transactions that transpire with other businesses.    This provides a level of transparency and trust that lets any business or third party quickly evaluate a company or future partner using its history of documented transactions.



CIMPLE handles your processing of invoice payments   from any business to any business through a number of international or domestic payment gateways.   Businesses can select preferred or default payment processors and banks for transactions and even choose specific types of transactions to be handled by specific processors or designated banks.


Business Verification

Reputation, confidence, and the level of trust in verifying a business is critical to the success of partnerships.   CIMPLE adds compelling features that make it easy to verify a business's financial, tax compliance, and transactional reputation.  While maintaining several levels of privacy, businesses can choose to share any, partial, or all aspects of its reputation with a requesting third party.


Analytics, Insights & KPIs

While you focus on your business, CIMPLE constantly analyzes different aspects of your transactional activity to help give you better insights and improve your operations.    Whether you operate a single office with one employee or nationwide, features like "Did you know" lets businesses  understand and use specific KPIs to capture new opportunities with other business customers or partners.


Business is Mobile

Many businesses today rely on mobile devices for everyday tasks in operations.  With CIMPLE, there is no exception.   Now you can track, approve, and keep up with activities of the business from your mobile phone with views of your dashboards, invoices, documents, notifications and payments.


Really Targeted Marketing

Through analytics, CIMPLE helps businesses with finding other business that are interested in promotions, sales, events, or products that may be helpful to a business.   For companies that want to promote products and services, CIMPLE provides budget-friendly campaigns that help you reach thousands of targets, based on your specific marketing criteria.


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